List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles

Top 7 Inconel alloys now available in bars, spools, and coils

Top 7 Inconel alloys now available in bars, spools, and coils

The Inconel family is a world-renowned high-performance collection of nickel alloys, utilised in critical applications across many industries. Inconel’s popularity begins with its exceptional strength and outstanding resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion, even at high temperatures.

This exotic alloy range has a multitude of applications, the one of which is the manufacture of high-performance springs, because it offers superior properties compared to many other alloys and is often the alloy of choice in a range of industries, including aerospace, chemical and automotive.

The hot contender for resistance and strength

Alloy Wire International can tailor the mechanical properties of the Inconel alloys for use in specific industrial environments and applications. This engineering expertise allows improvements to the material, creating the perfect partner for critical applications that require outstanding corrosion and stress resistance, even under high temperature conditions.

Not only, but also

The specific blend of alloying elements in Inconel enables high resistance to oxidation, giving high tensile and fatigue strength, a high resistance to deformation and creep at high temperatures and easy it’s to weld. The Inconel family has been specifically engineered for use in some of the toughest manufacturing environments.

Specs for every application
Inconel consists of 7 different alloys, each designed to excel in specific applications.

Download the pack here to learn more about each Inconel alloy and what it can bring to your application.

Coiling its way to the top of the world’s best springs

The Inconel family is commonly used for high-performance springs, relied upon in demanding settings such as aircraft engines, nuclear installations, and deep oil wells. Alloy Wire’s expertise and Inconel’s superior architecture create the perfect partnership in the manufacture of wire for springs, drawn to precise specifications and consistency in temper. Look no further than Inconel for industrial springs.

Alloy Wire’s 6 key advantages

Partnering with Alloy Wire International comes with a host of advantages. We are trusted worldwide to deliver the golden standard of alloy wire. When working with us, we believe we offer 6 key advantages over anybody else:

  1. We can offer wire thicknesses from 0.025mm all the way up to 21mm.
  2. You can order as little as 3 metres and as much as 3 tonnes.
  3. Standard delivery can be as little as 3 weeks.
  4. We offer over 60 world-class alloys, for every possible application.
  5. We manufacture wire to your exact specification.
  6. We offer an emergency manufacturing service if you need your wire even faster.
Top 7 Inconel alloys now available in bars, spools, and coils - Alloy Wire International 1

If you are interested in partnering with Alloy Wire for the Inconel family of alloys, contact the experts today and we would love to discuss your needs. Keep up to date with the latest developments on LinkedIn.

Download the Inconel pack to learn more about the wide range of alloys.