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List of Alloys & profiles

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Datasheet: Haynes˘ 25 / L605

Haynes˘ 25 / L605

Haynes 25/L605 is a Cobalt-Nickel-Chromium-Tungsten alloy that combines good high temperature strength with good resistance to oxidising environments up to 980°C (1795°F) for long exposures. It also has excellent resistance to sulphidation, and responds extremely well to cold working. Known as the strongest of the formable Cobalt alloys, its widespread use has caused it to be investigated for use over a wide range of conditions, thus making it a well characterised material. Some of the industries Haynes 25/L605 is supplied to include aerospace, power generation, electronics, land-based turbines and medical.

Haynes 25/L605 is also known as Udimet L605.

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Key Features

Haynes 25/L605 offers the following key features:

Good resistance to oxidising environments at high temperatures for long exposures.
Excellent resistance to sulphidation.
High temperature static applications.**

Typical Applications

Haynes 25/L605 is known to be suitable for the following applications:

Parts for gas turbine engines and bearings


W.Nr 2.4964
UNS R30605
AWS 060


AMS 5796
AMS 5759
BS HR 40
ISO 15156-3
(NACE MR 0175)

Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of Haynes 25/L605 is indicated in the table below:

ElementMin %Max %

Alloy Details

Haynes 25/L605 density, melting point, coefficient of expansion, and modulus of elasticity is indicated in the table below:

DensityMelting PointCoefficient of ExpansionModulus of RigidityModulus of Elasticity
9.13 g/cm³1410 °C12.3 μm/m °C (20 – 100 °C)98 kN/mm²225 kN/mm²
0.330 lb/in³2570 °F6.8 x 10-6 in/in °F (70 – 212 °F)14214 ksi32634 ksi

Heat treatment of finished parts

The typical heat treatment of Haynes 25/L605:

Condition as supplied by AWITypeTemperatureTimeCooling
Annealed or Spring TemperStress Relieve400 – 450 °C (750 – 840 °F)2 HrAir


The typical mechanical properties of Haynes 25/L605:

Approx. tensile strength900 – 1500 N/mm²131 – 218 ksi
Approx. operating temperature depending on load** and environment-200 to +900 °C-330 to +900 °F
Spring Temper
Approx. tensile strength1400 – 1800 N/mm²203 – 261 ksi
Approx. operating temperature depending on load** and environment-200 to +900 °C-330 to +1650 °F

The above tensile strength ranges are typical. If you require different please ask.

* Trade name of Haynes International ** Static applications = still/fixed/motionless/rigid