List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles
RD 0182 R&D Support

R&D Support

AWI is the source for many start up projects requiring round, flat and profile wire, or bars, pins and wire rope – all with lead times and in order quantities that complement the progression of your project.

For many R&D projects, very small quantities of custom-made material can be difficult to find. However, at AWI, we offer our entire range of alloys and products made to the engineer’s design parameters in any quantity, starting from as little as 3 metres (10 ft) – ideal for the R&D stage.

Where an R&D team require their own proprietary material to be processed into a wire with specific mechanical and dimensional parameters, AWI can assist.

AWI will re-draw a customer’s own material, again in very small quantities if required. For example, a customer has supplied an 11mm diameter bar just 400mm long, and this was processed into a smaller wire diameter as specified by the customer. Other examples of customer free issued material include precious metals such as silver-palladium.

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