List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles


Nitronic** 60 - Alloy Wire International 1

Nitronic** 60

Nitronic 60 is an anti-galling and wear resistant stainless steel. Additions of Silicon and Manganese have given this alloy the ability to prevent wear and galling. Nitronic 60 is also known as Alloy 218 and HPA 50.

Nitronic** 50 - Alloy Wire International 2

Nitronic** 50

Nitronic 50 exhibits corrosion resistance and that is superior to type 316 Stainless Steel. It has good mechanical properties at ambient and sub-zero temperatures. Unlike other austenitic stainless steels, it does not become magnetic when cold worked or cooled to sub-zero temperatures. Nitronic 50 is therefore considered for applications in the oil & gas, offshore, chemical and marine industries. Nitronic 50 is also known as Aquamet 2, Aquamet 22, and Temet 25.