List of Alloys & profiles

List of Alloys & profiles
additive manufacturing Wire Additive Manufacturing

Wire Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D Printing, is finding use for the production of parts for aerospace, medical, dental, oil & gas, marine, space exploration and many high tech industries.

The drive for increased manufacturing efficiency of engineered components is being achieved with Additive Manufacturing. Alloy Wire is a precision wire supplier for ‘Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing’ (WAAM), also known as directed energy deposition-arc (DED-arc), which produces near net shape components requiring less machining with less waste produced and, can provide quicker lead times than conventional forging or casting without the need for complex tooling, moulds or dies.

Extensive inventory

With an extensive inventory of over 60 High Performance nickel alloys to select from, AWI supplies precision drawn wire for WAAM customers producing components that may have to perform in high temperature and or highly corrosive applications. From this selection of 60 alloys WAAM customers are welcome to specify any dimensional or mechanical wire properties they require in their desired quantity. AWI’s custom manufacturing approach includes supplying precision wound wire on reels or spools of nominated wire weights to suit customer requirements.

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Metal 3D printer and Jet fan engine – Concept for new smart factory manufacturing
Advantage range Wire Additive Manufacturing

Large size range from 0.025mm (.001”) to 21mm (0.827”)

We operate from two state-of-the-art factories which, with continual investment in the latest technology and machinery, produce precision wire sizes from 0.025mm (.001″) to 21mm (.827″) in small batches and medium volumes.

Advantage quantity Wire Additive Manufacturing

Order Quantity ranging from 3 metres to 3 tonnes

We manufacture the wire you require in the quantity you require it. Our world class manufacturing performance gives you a flexible order quantity ranging from 3 meters to 3 tonnes, meaning you only pay for what you need.

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AlloyWire Sept2020 0228 Order quantities delivery times Wire Additive Manufacturing

Delivery within 2 weeks

Our lead times are short because we stock in excess of 200 tonnes of more than 60 ‘High Performance’ alloys and, if your finished wire is not available from stock, we can manufacture within 2 weeks to your exact specification.

Advantage range of alloys Wire Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing wire, bars and rope in 60 Exotic alloys

We are the world leading manufacturer of precision drawn round wire, flat wire, profile wire, bars and wire rope in more than 60 different ‘High Performance’ nickel alloys, also known as ‘Exotic’ alloys.

Advantage bespoke amnufacturing Wire Additive Manufacturing
AlloyWire Sept2020 0212 RD Wire Additive Manufacturing

Order is manufactured to your specification

We produce round wire, flat wire, shaped wire and wire rope to your exact specification and in exactly the quantity you are looking for. With a range of 60 Exotic Alloys available, we can provide the ideal alloy wire with specialist properties best suited to your chosen application.

Advantage emergency manufacturing service Wire Additive Manufacturing

Our ‘Emergency Manufacturing Service’ for delivery within days

Our usual delivery times are 2 weeks, however if an urgent order is required, our Emergency Manufacturing Service ensures your wire is manufactured within days and shipped to your door via the fastest route possible.

Contact us so we can better understand you

Every customer has their own needs, their own standards to adhere to and their own projects with unique specifications. Alloy Wire is a partner in finding the right solution first time.

Ask a question, request information or enquire whichever way best suits you. Live chat with an expert, use any of our forms or contact us by phone or email.

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